Gift wrapping ideas for your Christmas gifts

Gift wrapping ideas for your Christmas gifts

Whether you are gifting art or other things, the way you present your gift to the recipient can really change the gifting experience.
In this post I will give you some ideas on how to wrap your frames, add some special touches to your packages and present your gifts like a pro this Christmas!

How to make your illustration gift even more special?

1. Include the Certificate of Authenticity to your gift.

As you already know I include a Certificate of Authenticity with all my custom illustrations.
This contains some information about the piece such as when it was created, medium and the artist details along with my signature.
This is to certify that your artwork is, in fact, one of a kind, original and hand made work by a professional artist and that the person that ordered this for you has went above and beyond to make this special and personalised for you.

If you print your Certificate into a little card and put it in a cute envelope to go along with the art piece this will add a unique and professional touch to it.

Certificate of Authenticity for custom illustration


2. Add a special note for the recipient.

Including a handwriting note to any gift can make a big impact and make the gifting experience even more sentimental.
You can do this on a little individual card or write it with a marker at the back of your frame. This way it won't be lost and you will make your loved ones smile every time they move the frame and find your note at the back.

Special note at the back of your custom illustration frame


3. Enjoy the wrapping process and get creative.

Including ribbons and decor details will level up your package.
They can even have a meaning and add that personal touch to it, like including their initial, for example, or a flower they really like, stickers, a little polaroid photo, stamps, patterns... you can even draw with a marker in the wrapping paper, there's so much you can play with!
Here's some ideas and inspiration on different ways and styles to do it.
You can find more inspiration on my Pinterest account: Gift wrapping ideas board.

Gift wrapping ideasGift wrapping ideas




Just enjoy the process and make it unique!
And above all, don't worry too much if the result doesn't look super high-end and professional, the important thing is that it is done with love and that your loved ones will appreciate this a lot.
Giving gifts is an experience full of magic and excitement!

And you? are you a gift giver or do you prefer to receive them? 
Don't forget you can comment with your ideas and inspo sources for this Christmas season!

Thanks for reading! :)
Monica x

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