Personalised christmas gift ideas

Christmas list is now open! Order now to secure your spot before it's too late.

It's officially less than 3 months until Christmas. I know what you're thinking... already?! Yes, I know! time flies and without realising it we are already half way October and that means Christmas season is getting closer, and with it the hunting for Christmas gifts.

Christmas is such a fun time of the year but unfortunately it can also be the most stressful.
These upcoming months are the busiest of the year in my shop, when I get the highest volume of orders in the shortest amount of time, and for this reason I often have to close the Christmas list sooner than everyone would like as soon as I reach my maximum capacity.

As you already know, my pieces are 100% hand drawn (line by line, done by entirely by myself) and that takes much longer than a mass-produced product.
I'm just one person doing all the work so the number of orders I can take on board to secure a certain delivery date is limited.

If you start early you will almost certainly get what you want and you'll be able to spread the cost so it's always a good idea to start your Christmas shopping early.

Custom portrait for christmas gift idea

Let's break this down a bit to put the time we have left into perspective!

As I'm writing this (October 11th 2022) there's just 75 left for Christmas.
But this is not the final deadline we are looking at considering you will need some time ahead to print, frame and wrap your gifts for the big day.

My usual turnaround for line portraits is between 1 and 2 weeks from purchase date, which usually increases during the upcoming months to up to 3 weeks (that is up to 21 days to receive your illustration files). 
You will then need some extra time to print and frame your illustration to make sure everything is perfect for the 25th, so please, consider this when ordering your drawing.

Unfortunately I won't be able to guarantee a certain date unless you order with enough time so I would highly, highly recommend that you start ordering your Christmas pieces for this year as soon as today, to make sure we have room for things like adjustments, in case they are needed, or other unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control.

My mind and yours will thank you for it :)


Level up your gifting with a unique a meaningful gift this year

If you are like me, you often struggle to find the perfect gift each year. You want something special but you have already gifted much of the ideas you had in mind.

I know a meaningful gift is not always easy to find.
I'm all about personalised gifts and stuff created with love that holds a story behind and that is memorable to those that matter the most to you. 
A custom portrait or illustration will level up your gifting and guarantee big smiles to your loved ones :)

Daughters giving meaningful gift to mum, a custom family line drawing

Illustration styles and ideas for your gifts

  • Custom line portrait. Who doesn't love a personalised portrait! These are created from a photo or reference you send and will give your camera snaps a new light to warm up your space with a stylish and modern touch.

    There's several styles to choose from! From a more abstract and minimalist result to more detailed ones. 
    Explore all the options here: Custom line illustrations - see all styles

  • Custom drawing. It doesn't need to be a portrait what you're ordering! You can request a custom drawing of anything special for that person even if it's not a person or an animal.
    All we need is your reference pic and I'll bring it to lines to elevate it to a wall art piece!
    If you are not sure if your idea would be doable, feel free to reach out and we can have a look at everything together.

  • 'Our Story' print. Perfect for couples and family gifts! Custom made for you, these hand illustrations display your most special life events in a minimalist and elegant print.

  • A portrait of your beloved home. Has the person you are gifting this to have recently moved into a new home? Get their house portrayed for a really unique gift.

  • Birth poster. Perfect for those who just welcomed a little one this year.

  • Pet portrait. For pet lovers and pet owners who have recently lost a furry friend.

  • Gift voucher. For those of you who can't decide on a specific product or photo but know they'll love the idea of a custom illustration!
Gift voucher for custom drawing

There's endless possibilities and there's custom art for everyone! If you aren't sure if I'll be able to accommodate your idea, feel free to reach out and we can have a chat about it :)

Thanks for reading and...
Happy Christmas shopping!

Monica x


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