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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send my photo?

You can upload it when placing your order or email it to

How long will my order take? Is there an option to rush my order?

Turnaround varies depending on current demand. You can check the delivery time your product has in the delivery section of each listing.

I understand in some cases you may need your piece earlier for a special occasion. If you require urgent delivery please get in touch to receive more information about express delivery availability and fees.

Can I have a portrait made from individual photographs?

This is definitely something I can do but every case is totally different.
For it to look as natural as possible the images need to have similar angles/perspectives so they merge well when we put them together.
The magic of drawing even allows us to create a moment that never got to happen!
Feel free to get in touch and we can see if your images are suitable.

Do you offer physical copies delivery or other printing services?

I do not currently offer any physical shipping options. All my illustrations are delivered digitally unless otherwise specified.

A detailed PDF guide with printing tips and framing ideas and recommendation is included with all custom illustrations.
To get inspired you can also visit our gallery page.

Will I be able to request changes after seeing my custom illustration?

A row of small and specific changes (they must be made in one go) will be permitted where technically possible to make sure your piece is perfect!

Major changes that increase the working time significantly may incur in additional costs but don't worry! we will always chat about the options first.

To read more about our changes policy visit our Terms and conditions page.

How are your pieces hand drawn but digital?

All my illustrations are 100% hand drawn from scratch, line by line. No filters are used to create your custom piece.
I work with an iPadPro and Apple pencil as well as a professional illustration software that allows me to draw as if I were using a regular pencil and paper.

Drawing digitally has many advantages such as printing your illustration in the size or surface you want or making as many copies of the artwork as you want! Plus you receive the high quality files in your email as soon as they are ready, no shipping cost or wait!

For more details you can visit the Behind the scenes page.

Can I have the people in the illustration with different poses than the ones showing in my reference image?

Unfortunately this is not possible. What you see in your reference image is what I will draw in the illustration. Of course in some cases and depending on your picture I may be able to combine more than one shot, omit things or tweak small details but I won't be able to change the main poses or alter the heads' angles of your photo.

To see some before and after photos and comparisons you can check our gallery page.

How do I choose my reference picture?

When it comes to choosing a photo to be transformed into a line art illustration, it can be a bit overwhelming.
What angles work best? Is there any specific poses that work better than others? The answer is yes!

Refer to this blog post for tips and recommendations.

If you are undecided feel free to reach out and I'll be happy to help you out.

Need further help?

If you still have questions or concerns after reading through this section, please don't hesitate to contact me directly so I can help :)