Terms and conditions

All of the products sold in this website are delivered digitally only unless otherwise specified. This means no physical prints will be shipped to your address.
The buyer will receive the high quality files ready to print as detailed in the listing description of the product purchased to the email they provided.
Please note by purchasing one of my illustrations you agree to the terms & conditions detailed on this page.


Returns and exchanges

Since the nature of my products are custom items made exclusively for you returns or exchanges are not accepted. 
But please contact me if you have any problems with your order and I will try my best to help.


Cancellations may be accepted within the first hours of purchase when there is a justified cause (example: placed the order incorrectly).
We reserve the right to decide which cases are eligible to a cancellation based on the product descriptions detailed in the website.
Please read everything carefully before placing your order to fully understand the ordering process and product details and do not hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.


Once the illustration is completed (within the current delivery time advertised) your files will be sent to you by email.
In case you are not 100% with how your illustration turned out one row of small modifications will be permitted for each illustration where technically possible. 
This means there may be some technical limitations for certain modifications, especially in small areas where many lines cannot be incorporated due to space and line thickness.

  • You must be specific with the exact changes you want (example: remove some lines from his t-shirt to keep it more simple, draw a circle to stand out her cheek, make nose smaller…)

  • They must be made in one go.

  • Major modifications that increase significantly the working time may incur in additional costs (example: redrawing a big area of the portrait). You will always be advised of this prior.

Please note we rely on your picture so it is very important the picture you send for reference is good quality.
Feel free to enquiry prior or ask for advice if you are unsure.
If the image quality is not enough we will rely on the artist interpretation.

While line portraits are intended to resemble the people portrayed this technique tends to simplify everything to its minimal shapes where not all the details can be incorporated so there may be some technical limitations at the time of drawing certain areas. As you can see in the samples shown in my multiple listings galleries some pictures lead to more abstract results than others, each picture is a whole new world so it leads to different results and we cannot really know at 100% until the piece is done.

In the case of frontal and close up portraits/selfies there is much less chance to intertwine and play with the lines more abstractly like those that can be found in a picture of a couple kissing or a hug for example.


All artworks and illustrations are 100% hand drawn and created by myself. 
All illustrations are for strict personal use only. This means images and files cannot be used commercially, resold or redistributed without the artist express written permission.
The images and files cannot be modified or manipulated by any means.

My artist signature will be displayed in all custom pieces as shown on the samples listed on the website.
You are free to cover it with a frame but I kindly ask you not remove my signature from your artwork since it is there for a reason and all artists, no matter how big or small, deserve credit for their work.

If you require your images for commercial license please reach out in advance since this incurs additional costs depending on the intended use of the designs.


An automatic review reminder will be sent to you by email after your order has been completed.
Your review is optional, however by purchasing any of my items you give consent to receive this email invitation to review your order.

Your reference images and/or illustrations may be used as a way to showcase my work within my business channels, such as Instagram, website or other social media platforms.
By placing your order with me you give me consent to use your images unless otherwise requested.

All the data and information collected in this website is private and with strictly contact/business purposes between the buyer and the owner of this website only.

If you have any doubts about our policies please reach out to me directly and I will solve your questions.