A picture of Monica Gonzalez on her home studio. MonicagonzalezArt about me section

About me

Hi! 👋 I'm Monica and I'm the face and hands behind MonicagonzalezArt.
I am a professional independent Artist and illustrator based in Sydney, although I am originally from Spain. If English isn't your preferred language, we can also communicate in Spanish!

I manage everything at MonicagonzalezArt, yep, all by myself! from drawing to answering your questions and everything in between behind a small business.

My restless mind got me into Art since I was able to hold a pencil.
Since then I have been always involved in creative enviroments and practices, from traditional techniques to digital art.
I have coursed professional art studies during my entire academic life and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Fine/Visual Arts with honours.
I still like to continually improve my skills and learn new things everyday to make sure my work is the best it can be.

I draw in a full time basis and I absolutely adore my job!
I've done commissioned pieces of all kinds, from portraits to landscapes, pets, wedding stationery, poster designs, tattoos, illustrations for other brands... nothing is too big or too small and I'm always open to hear your ideas.

I feel inspired by love, memories and everyday life. I found a passion in creating one of a kind pieces that hold special moments of our lives and our loved ones.
The lines knocked on my door one day and since then we are inseparable!

Hopefully I can create something you love ♥
Monica x

Hand drawing a line art portrait of a baby on an iPadpro. Explaining how digital art works.

Behind the scenes

So you might be wondering, how exactly do I create my pieces? Well, I'm happy to share that everything is indeed hand-drawn, line by line! I use an iPad Pro along with an Apple pencil, which allows me to draw directly on the screen as if I were using traditional pen and paper.

Now, you might be thinking, "But wait, doesn't that mean it's digital?" Yes and no! While the medium is digital, the process is still very much hand-drawn. The Apple pencil is a professional drawing tool that has sensors to measure pressure and other parameters, so I can create precise and intricate lines just like I would with traditional materials.

Of course, all of this is supported by professional drawing software to ensure that I deliver the best quality possible. The best part is that by receiving your files in a digital format, your illustrations will be timeless and versatile. You'll be able to use them in different ways over the years, adapting them to new chapters of your life. It's truly a unique and special way to capture those precious moments that you'll cherish for a lifetime.